This isn't exactly a wiki, more like a blog post!

My UTAU's NAME!!!!!! : Kuroi Megane...( means Black Glasses...cuz i wear thick black glasses)

Gender: Undetermined (male or female, depending on Kuroi's mood, or gender is just ommitted)

Color Scheme: Black, purple, and brown.

Blah blah blah

Voice: Because of Kuroi's gender confusion a double voice bank was made. Kuroi can sing as a male and female (which i think is awesome...singing a duet with yourself ^^) In the actual voice bank I was lazy and put the male and female voices together so I used numbers to tell them apart. Ugh...i recorded so much. Together (and this is just the basic Japanese phonetic noises) there's over 550 sounds D;

So far, Kuroi can sing in Japanse, if used well English, and a little bit of arabic. I'm still working on that. VB is also not downloadable because i have a lot of stuff that needs fixin

Date of birth: He/She actually was made a long time ago, I had a VB and everything i just never uploaded songs. I don't exactly remember when i finished voice bank completion and/or concept art so i'll just go with my birthday. April 22. Kuroi is 16, born in 94.

Pictures: Want to know what he/she looks like? Type the name in on Deviant Art stuff will come up

Edit: Kuroi now has like 800+ something voices now (ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggggggg) and I'm trying to make Kuroi sound more human, without having it sound like the Fuyune's (Yes thank gawd, i've finally started work on them)

So yeah...........I might actually let people download the voice bank (doubt anyone will) I really hate Megane's voice, not only because the voice is mine, just because............well I hate it.

Songs can be downloaded here:

heeeeeerrrrrreeeeeeeee (this is one song)

and heeeeeerrrrrrrrrreeeeeee (cendrillon both male and female demo)

FIRST SONG EEEEEVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! but it's with the prototype bank when i had muh bad microphone (it's MELT)